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View Hallufix – September, 2018 Alpha Orthotics Site Transfer PHASE TWO Invoice

Website Transfer – PHASE TWO Invoice
for AlphaOrthotics.com

https://www.alphaorthotics.com/ (Ecommerce)

September 8, 2018


  • Site transfer from sandbox to live server
  • SSL installation for HTTPS site security
  • Implemented website “search” functionality
  • Format all search results & tag category pages
  • Implemented URL redirects (see full excel file)
  • Implemented Image URL redirects to new images
  • Affiliate application, wholesale inquiries pages
  • Update all mobile friendly page layouts
  • Link all “add to cart” buttons directly to hallufix cart
  • Creation of new promo images for “foot problems”
  • Resubmitted site to Google Analytics for indexing
  • Creation & restoration of all social media accounts
  • Removal of “My Account” & “Cart” page links
  • Restoration of Amazon VendorCentral account
  • Shipment of first Bunion Aid PO to Amazon
  • Ongoing Security Updates

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