BubbleTrends Media and Marketing Options

Thanks for your interest in advertising on BubbleTrends.com. We offer a variety of link insertions, banner ad placements and even full custom BubbleTrends pages with your choice of topic, keywords, links and the option of featured page placement! Select the option you are interested in and purchase using our secure checkout. All ad placements, link insertions and page requests are typically completed within one business day!

For Banner Ad Placements, please email all required art assets. For Full Custom BubbleTrend Pages, please include list of desired links, images, banner ad sizes and comments in order notes or email.

Further Questions or Special Requests? Email Matt@SAID.solutions

Link Insertions and Custom Bubble Chart Pages

  • Bubble Chart Page Link Insertion

    Include the links of your choice on any existing BubbleTrends chart page! Links added to a BubbleTrends Chart page will become permanent additions to that page and will maintain their placement on the page regardless of future chart updates! (Permanent Placement)


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  • Full Custom Bubble Chart Page with Selected Links and Image

    Feature the topic, links and keywords of your choice in your own custom BubbleTrends Chart Page! A fantastic way to build backlinks, your own BubbleTrends Chart page can contain as many links as you like and will become a permanent page on BubbleTrends.com! Custom BubbleTrends Chart Pages also have the option of featuring your own banner ads in all the ad spots permanently! (Permanent Placement)

    Full Chart Page with No Ad Spots


    Full Chart Page with All Ad Spots


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Please inquire for any other page or ad requests!